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Customer Service Training

Defensive Driving Course


This fully narrated video provides a comprehensive tool for our drivers to be better prepared for the skill of defensive driving. After the video please review and submit your questions on the short exam. Please answer each question as best you can. The video has provided you with the essential tools to fully complete the exam with the highest marks. Please answer all 10 questions provided below.

Question # 1

True or False – When you accept a GoVetted trip, you should call your client, introduce yourself, and say “Hello Mr./Ms. {insert client’s last name}, I am currently in route to your location “.


Question # 2

True or False – When you pick up a client, you should tell him/her to place his/her luggage in the car.


Question # 3

True or False – When a client is picked up, you should allow the client to open his/her door so that you do not have to do so.


Question # 4

True or False – Once the client is in the vehicle, you should offer a bottle of water to the client by saying, “Mr./Ms. {insert client’s last name}, your bottle of water sir/ma’am”


Question # 5

True or False – Is this a proper greeting upon arrival, “Mr. Gibson, please allow me to open your door”?


Question # 6

True or False – During the trip, you should always offer to charge the client’s mobile device.


Question # 7

True or False – Learning and applying proper customer service techniques are essential for client satisfaction.


Question # 8

True or False – Upon the conclusion of a trip, you should never check for items that the client may have left in the vehicle.


Question # 9

True or False - This course has provided you the necessary tools to have the best customer service skills to ensure the service level that GoVetted prides itself on is exceptional.