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The Sunshine Way

Q&A Limousine | Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine

Questions and Answers suggests asking 10 critical questions before booking a Limousine. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is proud of the level of service that we offer our clients. We want you to know you are in good hands. Here are the 10 questions and our answers.



  1. Are all charges included in my rate?

    1. Yes, the rate we give you includes all charges. We will clearly state your charges and booking times on your confirmation receipt.
  2. What model year is the limo I have selected?

    1. We have the newest vehicle fleet in Northwest Florida. All of our vehicles are no older than 4 years.
  3. How much insurance do you carry?

    1. We carry a $5 Million Dollar insurance policy. Not many companies carry this much.
  4. What happens if my limo is late for my pickup?

    1. We are known for our reliable and timely service. We pride ourselves on being on-time for every pickup. However, if we are late. We will gladly work out a solution to the problem in a timely manner.
  5. How do handle a breakdown?

    1. We have the largest fleet in Northwest Florida. We have driver’s ready to go at all times. We also have a full-time on call mechanic. We will dispatch another vehicle immediately.
  6. Am I billed form pickup to drop off only?

    1. Yes, you are billed only from pick-up to drop-off.
  7. Are you Certified?

    1. Yes, our owner even serves on The Florida Limousine Association’s Board.
  8. Is chauffeur gratuity included?

    1. Gratuity is included in your price.
  9. What type of training do your chauffeurs go through?

    1. We have an extensive 30 day training program that all chauffeurs must pass. We call this “The Sunshine Way” training.
  10. When will I be billed for my trip?

    1. You will be billed for your trip immediately after the trip is over.

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