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What every couple should know about Wedding Transportation.

Planning your wedding is exciting, but also stressful. In the rush of planning your day, transporting your guests is often left to the last minute. This is a common mistake. When planning is done EARLY in the schedule, transporting the wedding party and guests for convenience, safety and legal reasons will relieve a lot of worrying. This is especially true in the case of “destination weddings,” where guests travel considerable distances for you, taking vacation days and spending quite a bit of money to be there. When planning your wedding transportation needs, talk to an expert EARLY in the process The most effective and practical way to consider transportation is chronologically.

For guests not driving, a transportation company representative will meet them at the airport. It’s inconsiderate to have guests arrive at an airport and fend for themselves finding a cab, bus, or shuttle to their destination. It’s important to note that’s it’s optional as to who pays for transportation to and from the airport. The key is to have a transportation company established EARLY so your guests have a stress-free experience and know who to contact.


During designated “fun days” for guys and gals, a designated driver is very important. Most guests at a destination wedding will stay 5-7 days to enjoy everything the area has to offer. In coastal resort areas, spa treatments, boating activities, tennis and golf, and other outings may involve alcohol consumption. Don’t let your guests worry about getting a cab – or worse, renting a car and driving. A drunk driving incident at your wedding is simply irresponsible! In many seasonal locations, cabs are not readily available. Make sure your guests have safe, reliable transportation during their time off.


The premier mobile entertainment company for the Florida Panhandle.


Nothing is worse than wedding party members to come straggling into the rehearsal dinner late, with everyone waiting. Rehearsal Dinner transportation includes picking up the wedding party FIRST, moving the guests SECOND, and a formal wedding party entrance and exit LAST. Not as simple as people think. Why let your wedding party come in piecemeal? Have transportation set up EARLY to make the dinner a smooth preparation for the wedding day. Take the stress out of this part of your event.


You’re not going to let the wedding party and guests figure out ways to “get to the church on time.” Usually, hosts prefer a white limousine for the bride and bridesmaids and a black limousine for the groom and groomsmen. Other wedding guests can be transported by shuttles. The get-away car will whisk away the newlyweds after the rice is thrown.

Everyone must be taken to the reception venue smoothly and with little hassle to insure that the happy celebration mood is not broken.

After the reception, most guests (Especially the younger ones) and (maybe) the bride and groom will want to continue the party. Most Likely, the reception venue will close relatively early, so you need to have a safe way to get those party-mode guests to and from the after-party location.


Thanks to your hospitality, after the celebration and well-wishing is over, guests will return home with no little hassles. Since you have planned EARLY for your wedding transportation needs, your guest will cruise back to the airport with nothing but happy memories of a well-planned wedding.

THE TAKE AWAY Plan your wedding transportation needs EARLY, considering hospitality, safety, and legalities.

Your wedding transportation needs are centered around:

  • Pre-Wedding Parties
  • Arrival
  • Fun Activities
  • Rehearsal
  • Wedding
  • Return

Wedding Planners

We handle ALL of your wedding transportation needs.

As a wedding planner, you have a lot on your plate, and you would probably prefer to not deal with separate transportation companies to handle the wedding day limousine, charter, and airport pick-up transportation needs. With Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine, you can depend on us to handle any and all wedding day transportation needs. Just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest!

Wedding Transportation

Grooms and Brides put transportation info on save the dates so guest can book flight and transportation once guest knows dates.

Suggest that all wedding get a website $100, backdrop, music, but this helps the guest with the itinerary and always put transportation link on website so your quest are not wondering who how they are to get from airport they will know who to contract ant the will be able to save money and not need a rental car.

Don’t make transportation a problem; make transportation plans part of your EARLY wedding plans. You’ll have the wedding of a lifetime!

Get the most out of your wedding day by having a Sunshine Shuttle Limousine provide transportation for your wedding party. The last thing you need to worry about is transportation on your wedding day. When you look back on this special day, you’ll be glad you called Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine!

Calling Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine for your wedding transportation allows you to:

  • Make a lasting impression and memories on your special day.
  • Enjoy the fun, excitement, and great pictures with your limo.
  • Feel like royalty as you walk down the red carpet.
  • Avoid driving intoxicated and guarantee your entire party makes it home safely.
  • Save time and money – let us handle the details!

Planning transportation for your wedding can be stressful, but it can also one of the most rewarding tasks if it’s done right. A recent article published by Gulf Coast Bride said it best:

“One of the most difficult and confusing details of a wedding is getting everyone where they need to be, when they need to be there. Working with a wedding planner helps, but ultimately the choices the bride and groom make determine the efficiency and level of sophistication of the entire wedding event.”

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine has helped many couples and wedding planners navigate through those confusing transportation planning details. This is just one more reason why we should be the first choice for transportation on your wedding day.

For additional helpful hints and wedding transportation tips, read this article published by Gulf Coast Bride featuring John Finch of Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine.

Your First Choice for Weddings

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine is the first choice for large scale local weddings. Our fleet of vehicles can transport any size group of people. Great customer service and vehicle quality standards make Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine a “one-stop-shop” for quality transportation. When it comes to transportation for your wedding day, Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine can provide:

Transportation for your entire wedding party or just the bride and groom.
Van and Bus Shuttle services for large parties with limited parking.
Wedding Planning Services "a-la-carte" - you pick which services you need.
Choose from any of our luxury vehicles!
Save time and money - let us handle the details!

Just for Your Special Day

Here are additional speciality items that are available upon request with wedding transportation services:
Just Married Sign
Red Carpet
Champagne (1 Complimentary Bottle)
Shuttles or Large Motor Coaches are available for transportation to and from hotel, reception, rehearsal dinner, photo locations or any other event location that is specific to the needs of your weddings party and guests.
Classic Rolls Royce is available for grand exit vehicle for Bride and Groom.

Wedding Packages

Keep your guest together and on time with our wedding transportation package. Whether you need transportation to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the airport or any other activity, Sunshine can simplify your transportation needs.

Congratulations! Your Life Together Begins!

I’ll never forget that day. In fact, I’ll never forget that minute, that second, the moment I asked the love of my life to the wife of my love. I chose a vacation in …… John, tell me how you proposed to Krissi. Where, when, etc. How did she react? Describe the ring and everything else about the events leading up to your proposal. I want to write your story and include it here. It will make for a very effective letter. As the Owner of NW Florida’s largest ground transportation company, please allow me to be among the first extend congratulations on your upcoming wedding.




All of our drivers have been trained and certified to exceed industry standards and those set by the state of Florida Limousine Association. We constantly strive to be courteous, professional, and discreet in all our services. Each trip is scheduled and preassigned to maximize pick up and delivery time, but our drivers welcome unplanned stops should the need arise. Every Sunshine driver is always looking to excel in performance, so don’t hesitate to let us know if we can make your experience more enjoyable.


A Client’s Safety & Security is our #1 PRIORITY! Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine made a commitment 10 years ago, that we would serve our friends, family and neighbors as a drug-free workforce and one that had employees with a clean background check. Sunshine is certified as a Drug Free Workplace. ALL of our employees are required to pass rigorous drug testing before hire. Additionally, all employees are part of random daily drug testing.

At Sunshine, we want every client to know that our drivers, dispatchers, call center representatives, even the people taking your credit card information, have received an extensive background check. Because our staff has direct access to you, your family, your schedules, and your location, this practice allows us to maintain the trust you have placed in us.


Tobacco smoke leaves a residue on fabrics, fibers and surfaces of vehicles, which emits odors that the majority of our clients find unpleasant. Ridding cars of tobacco smoke odor and residue requires considerable time. This inconveniences our customers because vehicles are unavailable for use while they are being deep-cleaned. Sunshine’s Smoke-Free Fleet policy helps ensure that the greatest variety of cars is available to every customer at all times.

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